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Thursday, 18 January 2018

BT Young Scientist

We are just getting back to normal after our busy start to 2018.

We took part in the BT Young Scientist exhibition on Saturday 13th January.

This was a great achievement for our class to be selected.

Our project was on 'Germs' and we researched and experimented lots about germs in an aim to find our how clean our hands are!

It turns out, our hands weren't very clean at all, particularly after playing! Since our research we've put a huge focus on cleaning our hands more.

Our project didn't just happen over night. It was a group project that we started in November.

We really enjoyed our project. As well as learning all about Science, we've developed and improved lots of very important skills.

On Saturday, we displayed our finding at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS. We were amazed at the great interest in our project. We had a constant flow of people interested in our project. We are delighted that our findings helped others. The children showed great confidence and ability to present their project.

Here are some pictures of our class on Saturday.

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hunger Games Review (age 10+)

      by Aaron Hamilton,Se├ín Weldon and Daragh McFadden 

This report centers on the first book/movie and gives you a summary,review and parental info.Thank you

The Hunger Games is book(later turned into a movie) written by Suzanne Collins,which centers around a girl(Katniss Everdeen,16)competing in an annual fight to
the death known as The Hunger Games in which only 1 survives.It exists as a result of a war which happened 74 years prior which was caused by a group of people from 13 towns known as districts which was ruled by a city known as the capitol which they rebelled against.Afterwards the rebels lost and the 13th district was destroyed and all districts had to give up 1 boy and 1 girl between 12 and 18 to fight in The Hunger Games once a year.After her sister(Prim Everdeen,13)was chosen for the 74th Hunger Games Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place in The Games along with a boy Peeta who was also chosen to be in The Games.

We think the book deserves a good 7/10 for how imaginative it is,how every character has a different personality and how you can clearly understand the story.While the movie may be one of the only movies that is better than it's book with an 9/10 it's almost as if it was meant to be a movie but was made into a book for some unknown reason.There is only 1 thing that stopped this movie from getting a 10,which was the point that their was very little of the story explained and some characters go unnamed for a little while.Otherwise both the book and the movie are very good with minor differences like unneeded conversations,etc.

Based on our thoughts and the thoughts on other websites the movie would be suitable for 10 years + It is quite violent but not as violent as some make it.You only see the bodies of 3 or 4 victims and the only really violent scene is that at the beginning of the games where 7 tributes are killed in 2 minutes but you don't see any of the stabbed body parts of the victims you only see their killer.Another scene is at the end of the games when one of the badder tributes is bitten to death by dogs but you don't see his body you only see the dogs surrounding him and him screaming.There is no scary scenes in the movie,just Katniss screaming a few times because somebody dies.But I think the one thing that may make the movie unsuitable for a child is how emotionally moving it is,espescially at one certain death of a character.

Once on our thoughts and the thoughts of other websites the book is recommended for ages 10+.It is more descriptive of the violence but of course it's a book so it's visible in your mind.It has pretty much the exact same scenes as the movie but it is described to be much more violent.

Anyway,thank you for reading this review.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Assembly 2

Well done to the following boys and girls who received assembly awards this month:

 Mallory Butterly-Presentation Award

 Ben Keady-Sports Award

 Callum Beasley-Good Conduct Award

 Daragh McFadden-Academic Award (Maths)

Teagan Linehan-Gaeilge Award

Food Dudes

Well done to 5th & 6th class who just completed their 8 days of food dudes.

Throughout the 8 days we tried some different fruit and vegetables.

The class really enjoyed trying the fruit and vegetables and learning about how nutritious they are. We looked at different ways that we could eat these fruit and vegetables in meals.

Phase 1 is completed and the children received 4 prizes.

Phase 2 will continue after Christmas. Children will be encouraged to bring some fruit and veg in as part of their lunch in their food-dudes lunchbox.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ready, Set, Launch!!

As part of Science week, Mrs. Murphy ran a 'Design Your Own Rocket' Competition.

Well done to all the children who took part (and to the parents who helped design the rockets!!)

Some very cool rockets and our class won a few prizes!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Report Writing

Throughout September and October, we have been working on writing reports as our selected writing genre. The whole school focus on one writing genre at a time.  

What is a report?
A report is used to systematically organise and record factual information. 

We followed 4 steps when writing our reports which included: 

Step 1:Collect a bank of facts about a topic
Step 2:Sort these facts using key headings 
Step 3:Construct full sentences using these facts and arrange paragraphs according to key headings
Step 4: Final draft – headings removed, extra information can be added and report is edited and refined

     Have a look at some examples of our report writing: 



Pandas are a large black and white bear with 42 teeth. They weigh 70-100kg. They are nearly extinct with just above 1000 left in the world. They live in Chinese forests and zoos.
Pandas love eating bamboo and use 14-16 hours eating it. They also love rolling down hills. They have an excellent sense of smell even at night and are the most expensive to keep in zoos. They  love company and big open spaces.
A panda’s life span is 20 years but a panda in captivity can live for 25-30 years. Pandas do NOT hibernate.
Today if you kill a panda the consequence is 10-20 years in jail


According to a story the panda was an all white bear once. When a little girl tried to rescue a baby panda from being hurt by a leopard , the leopard killed the girl instead. The panda showed up at her funeral wearing black ashes as they dried their eyes and hugged each other the ashes smudged creating the  black on pandas today.

Report On a Hippopotamus
By Sean Weldon & Jamie Sweeney 

Hippos are large tusked, huge jawed and thick skinned African mammals. They are also  semi-aquatic which means that they can breath underwater and on-land.

Hippos eat around 100 pounds of grass and aquatic plants daily, which would cost around €42.58. At running speed hippos go at 30Km/h which makes them one of the most lethal animals in Africa this along with the point that African villages are  situated near the hippo habitat of a lake.

Some famous hippos include Hugo, Gloria,  Huberta, Bubbles, Bailey , Bongo and Peter the Great. Since hippos are mammals they produce milk but did you know that their milk is pink. In 2012, a famous video of a man being chased by a hippo was uploaded to Youtube.

The Orangutan By Mallory Butterly 

The orangutan is a creature in the ape family. Orangutans are lazy animals but are very social animals.They like to climb and eat aswell.

The orangutans can be found in rainforests in South Asia. One species of orangutan lives in the Borean rainforest and another species in the Samatra rainforest.

The orangutans like to eat.....ALOT!!!!!! They have a very healthy diet. 60% of the orangutans diet is fruit, the other 40% is leaves, insects and flowers.        

The orangutan is a large animal because it eats so much. They can grow up to 1.2m – 1.4m and all of it is covered in orange fur. The male face is circular and the female face is more human like. But they still way the exact same 50kg-100kg.

Orangutans are becoming extinct, only 230,000 are recorded that are left. The reason for this is because their habitat is being destroyed and they are also hunted by tigers. Orangutans are amazing,caring animals but they are often forgot about.

ELEPHANTS    by Sienna Graham

There are over 15 different types of Elephants, 9 of which are extinct. Elephants are large mammals of the Elephatidae and the order Prosbosicidea. 3 species are currently recognised, The African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant and The Asian Elephant. There are 3 other different types of Elephants that are still alive and they are The Borneo Elephant, The Sir Lankan Elephant and The Indian Elephant. The Sumatran Elephant is one of the 3 recognised sub species of the Asian elephant; The Dwarf Elephant is also another subspecies of Elephant.

Elephas an Asian Elephant is one of the only Asian Elephants out of the two in the genre in the family of Elephants. In Africa there is something called A Super Tusker.  A Super Tusker is a Bull Elephant around the age of 40 to 50 years old that have nearly 5 to 6 meters long or longer tusks depending on size.  These Super Tuskers travel with allies preferably young bulls that have been kicked out of their herds so that at the first sight of trouble in go the allies.  There are only 21 Super Tuskers left due to poaching.

Elephants are being hunted for their ivory and are even evolving to have no tusks. To protect their skin, Elephants wallow in the mud and have a nice dust bath. The mud and the dust make a sort of sun cream for the Elephants. Elephants are herbivores and only attack when feeling threatened. Elephants can weigh hundreds and hundreds of kilos however a baby elephant, which is called a calf, can weigh up to 150 kg or more depending on age.

 Every new Elephant calf is precious and to keep Elephants alive it’s our duty to take care of them and save the Elephants.


Great report writing everyone!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Awards September 2017

Every month we have an assembly with Mrs. Murphy. 

The following students received assembly awards and a night off homework.!

Academic award: Harly Fagan Harold

Gaeilge award: Eva Brasier

Sports award: Emma Scanlan

Presentation award: Leah Hoare

Good conduct award: Sophia McKenna

Well done everyone!

Marathon Kids

All of the boys and girls in 5th and 6th class are taking part in Marathon Kids this year.

Over 8 weeks the students will perform four running sessions a week inching them closer to completing their first marathon as well as learning about the benefits of physical activity.

The students will run their final mile at a specially organised event in November. (date to be confirmed)

In total, we will run 26.2 miles which is a fantastic achievement.

This week we just finished week 4 which was a total distance of 4800m. Each day we ran 1200m.

Next week we will be running 1400m daily and learning about the 'Community benefits of exercising.'

Lets see what the kids think about Marathon Kids:

Emma Scanlan 6th Class:
"I love Marathonkids because it's fun to get out into the fresh air! I also like MarathonKids because you can run further each week. Afterwards, yes, you are very sweaty because you've just come in from break and then you've to run but you feel great for accomplishing it. You also miss work and get a chance to change and get fit when the rest of the rest of the school wish they could! Exercise is fun!"

Ciara McGrath 5th Class:
"I like MarathonKids because we get to go out in the yard and run around. It also helps you get fitter."

Mallory Butterly 6th Class:
I love MarathonKids because you get to run with your friends and get fit during school time!"


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Buddy Reading

On a Thursday we do buddy reading with Ms.Markham's junior infants.
All the children love picking out books for the 6th class to read to them.
It is very enjoyable for both classes and hope to continue it for a few more weeks.
Thanks to Ms.Andrews and Ms.Markham for organising it.


Welcome to our class blog for Ms. Andrews' 5th & 6th class, Balrothery N.S. This blog will be used to share some of the things we ...